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Little Rose Creative is a full-service marketing agency with 15 years of success in helping companies achieve success in all of their marketing goals.
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About Little Rose


Where art, science, and strategy intersect

to tell your story.

In your case, what we’re about means very little. For you, what’s more important is what we can do for you. You’re asking yourself “How can this agency help us to be successful?” We have a tendency to agree, however, we also believe that what we’re about–why our agency exists–has a direct correlation with our unique ability to understand your needs, problems, and pain points, and deliver solutions.

To us, marketing is a practice.  A careful balance of art, science, strategy, and tactical execution that enables our clients to achieve greater brand awareness, increased market share, revenue potential.  Our jobs are never done, and we don’t want them to be.  As Marketing Practitioners, we strive on improvement.  It drives us.  How can we do it bigger, better, more efficiently and with greater results.

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A full-service marketing agency that’s ready to jump

in with both feet

  • Our Process

    It begins with understanding. Understanding your market. Understanding your offerings. Understanding your value. Understanding you.

  • Strategy Development

    Strategy is the cornerstone of any marketing effort. Any effort not tied to a strategy is just activity. The idea is to make noise with a purpose.

  • Tactical Execution

    Execution is key. Designing tactical initiatives targeted solely to meet your objectives is the bedrock for achieving success.

  • Creative Design

    Making things look good for the sake of them looking good is one way to go about it. We prefer to design with a purpose and ensure every aspect drives communication of your value.

  • Measurement

    How else will you know when you've hit a milestone? Measurement is essential. Little Rose Creative is results-oriented. We don't stop until you hit the metrics you need to achieve.

In memory of
Helen "Little Rose" Strickland

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